my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-28 18:34:05 (UTC)

a conservative boy?

I saw a dream last night again. I was looking after the dragons of my crush. Then, I was watching the car races with him etc. After waking up, I searched for the meaning of this dream. According to my search, seeing a dragon means "a conservative boy". It was interesting to me.

Because of the curfew, I was at home all day. I made a cake with my mother. I don't like making cakes because I'm too lazy for that, and I don't want to gain weight. Unfortunately it is impossible to tell this to my mother. She is right, I'm thin but Iı don't want to eat everything to gain weight. I want to have a thin and healthy body.

About my studies, I was able to complete all of the geography topics. I'm proud of this. I hope my exam will be alright on Tuesday. I was also going to study my science lessons, but I wanted to be free on my weekend. I also thought this about the food stuff. So, I ate a lot. By the way, I gave up my exercises for weekend. I'll start doing easier ones tomorrow. At least, I hope...

And about my dream, I saw my crush on instagram. He shared a new photo. Of course, I liked it. He was in front of a white car. He loves cars so much. I forgot to tell this yesterday, but we talked yesterday. Actually, he sent a message. But we didn't talk a lot. Only some greetings...
I'm planning to write him in this week. Probably on Friday.

I think I shouldn't be fast. When I was a child, most of the neighbors used to say "slow" about me, because I was too calm those years. Of course, little me was triggered because of that "slow" word, and I had ran around the house. I hate talking about my childhood, but some details are perfect to me. So, I don't like to be "fast".

I'm also excited for tomorrow. Becaue I'll take my book, and I haven't been to that literature club. I'm a foreigner there. I don't even know the place of the entrance door. I hope I can find my way.

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