If I die today
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2021-03-28 05:49:12 (UTC)

breaking free at a cost

If this 3rd stimulus does in fact come thru in full for me its very possible that if 1500 is the cost of an attorney for divorce that well I think I can save myself. I think I can break myself free . Its gonna be tight and quite sad bc I want so much stuff that well I wont be able to do with this check but this is the plan. I want to get this done the priorty is me . I got myself into this mess with TY I shouldnt have ever married that fool and i think it's an oppruinty for me to bail myself out. I'm getting ready to get uncomfortable. I guess I have a few loose ends to wrap up but my budget for April is pretty much flat. I dont want a loan from anyone and I;ll have to do the cheap atty but I can do this. nDea is going to help me shop around again once I get the money althou I already have in mind my previous quotes. Im breaking free I hope. Right now no evidence of my payment but I am guessing soon and I've heard a theroy of possibly by April 14th or was it 15th IDK but I think it could be soon so plans for that check. I guess my lifestyle is about to be laaame. I spend a bit on food and well I like fancy pants stuff I'm picky about clothes. coffee gets costly alchol, pizza. I guess those are my major exspences but I've gotta buckle up n displine myself I'm doing this. I dont want to say anything to anyone right now bc I need to make every effort for my own souls sake to do this myself I'm an adult and I married that clown and now I need to handle it. Its not for nDea its for me . I asked him yesterday how he would feel if I did this and he says he will support me he even offered that last 100 to equal 1500 but I told him I think I can do this just gotten tighten up my bootstraps. goodbye life as I know it. Althou I hate this life so what am I losing. Guess its time to save my soul. not too much to report yesterday was quite I think I have an hour or 2 date we got coffee took a walk and thats that. I was unmedicated all day yesterday I smoked 1 inhale and well thats that. so progress I suppose. I went for a loong walk in the morning I was suprised that I left shortly after 10 and got back around 12 I didnt know I had all that in me it was a prayer walk. Saturday is the sabath. Today exspecting high winds up to 40 or 50mph so not planning much with nDea and his car but right now its not windy. I went to sleep around 10 woke up at 5 got busy by 6 just getting coffee and a banna in me. So hopefully i can initate the 6month divorce process soon and put my money in my soul. This is about me being free and I really think its best that legally I'm free that he holds no rights whatssoever as next of kin. Im not sure what to think or what to do but I need to invest my time and money in this and then take the next step. Praying I dont get screwed out the 1500 and then have added exspences to compelete the divorce. not much to report if I die today this is the cost of living free kissing my desires good bye