Experienced Life
2021-03-27 23:22:02 (UTC)

Malls were packed! 😱

Ok, haven't been to the malls in a long time. Amazon sort of got most of my business. I went to this place called Folsom Outlets. Parking there was at least 90% full. Only the far end of the lots had some spots. I brought my beater car so I didn't care if it had door dings. Never gonna bring my baby (Truck) there. I'm sure if I parked in the normal spots, TPS would come knocking on my door. That'd be Truck Protective Services. hehe. Sorry, bad joke for all the fake CPS reports I used to get when the ex wife and her bf thought it'd help with the Divorce. Sorry..drifting here.

Anyway, I was in a fantastic mood still and that is not a good thing when you're shopping. I walked into Under Armor. They have pretty much became my favorite gear I wear for gym. I still buy the cheap stuff from Eco Thrift near my area but when I do buy the "good stuff", it's Under Armor. Their shoes last a lot longer. I bought Asics once and it lasted 4 months before I wore them out. Under Armor shoes are way better. They last twice as long. So it was a buy one get one 1/2 off. Silly because that sounds good but it isn't really that much of a savings. Buy in bulk and get 25% off? Pfffft!! Gimmicky advertising. So... I ended up buying $200 worth of clothes. 😂. Doh!! After that, I went impulse shopping and people watching. Watched families, single people, couples, etc, etc. and today I seemed to have a heightened awareness of people. I felt like a little kid seeing the world and enjoying all the fascinating things around me and being absorbed by my eyes and ears. I was beaming all day for some reason and if there was such a thing as an aura meter, I'm sure I was pegging that needle. I hope I have more days like today.

Before I knew it, my stomach was rumbling. Forgot that I haven't eaten all day and it was already near 4PM or 5PM. Left the mall and drove to Trader Joes to buy some bbq sauce and other misc things to cook. But heading home, I got even hungrier so I decided to stop by Raileys. BTW, all these stores are Covid free zones. Kidding. Bought a little box of sushi. $12 just for 80% rice but I'm asian and I was hungry and couldn't wait to cook something. Also, couldn't help but smell the chicken so I bought an 8 piece of brandy friend chicken. Got home and inhaled the sushi. Ate two pieces of chicken. Turned on the TV and that's all she wrote. Greasy chicken and carbs kicked my butt and I fell into my siesta.

I didn't even check my phone so whatever social events my friends had today, I missed it and I don't care. I was doing my own thang🤪. But see? You really don't need someone special in your life to complete you. Your happiness is up to you and your mind. But I'm sure I may have a different opinion in the morning when wake up to my usual morning Southern Hemispheric stiffening of a body part. Then maybe I'll take back what I just said. hehe. . I got some cool gear I was gonna post on here to show but I guess that'd be too boring to show. I will however try them on later to see how I can try to look cool without making my belly look too big. Suck in the gut till you get dizzy. 😊

Gonna listen a bit more to Better Bachelor. Still not all that convinced in what he is stating but I don't want to bash him until I hear him out more. Apparently, Women in their 30s are indicating that all the good men are gone per what this dude is saying. Then he indicates the women are looking for like the top 10% or higher of men in the same age. That'd be 6', 6 pack, 6 figure salary, and sexy. Well, the speaker says that these guys are like the top of the top of men I think? Something pretty astronomical. I dunno. Just read that and I'm not sure if that's true as far as women being that way. He does back it up by profiles and vids of women stating so but that could be like one out of hundreds that he reviewed. Dunno. But then again, there may be some truth to this. Maybe.