Being Sam
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2021-03-26 20:24:25 (UTC)

Friday, wahoo!

Woke up today feeling giddy and it stuck around most of the day. Everything has just made me laugh or grin. I listen to a podcast of a radio show in New Zealand called Bree and Clint on ZM and on a Friday they do "fridayokee " which is hilarious and from there it just kicked up the ridiculous grin and giddiness to a whole new level. Work was good (from home today) and I spent alot of the afternoon talking to Chris on the work chat about how drunk and ridiculous we're going to get come the end of June when we're allowed out again.
Its been a good day. We were laughing about our teenage years again and that "trial and error" phase I went through and he was like "trial and error playlist? GO" and the first song I thought of was maneater by nelly furtardo and even thinking about it now makes me want to burst out laughing. You know when you're just having one of those days where everything is good or great even and you just want to laugh? That was today.
Picked the kids up and took them to McDonald's like the cool (lazy) mum I am, then came home and finished a book (haven't done that in a while) and was basically just chilling thinking what a good day I'd had.

Then Dean came home from work, stomped upstairs and told me off for not having bought him a McDonald's (4 hours before he was due home) too (Worth noting that I fyi'ed him so he could also pick one up since he drives past 2 on his way home). He then went on to tell me how out of order I am for having not made him something (suddenly its the 1940's) and when I told him he was being out of order and there was plenty in the fridge? "Just shut up, Sam"
He stormed downstairs and hasn't been back up since so I guess the window for him to apologise has passed and won't be happening.
Why do people do that? Shit all over your good mood and your great day?

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