my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-26 20:00:27 (UTC)

i am not a tree

If you read my previous diary, you know that I was exhausted because of the yesterday's workout. So, I woke up late and I missed 2 of my online classes in the morning. But I joined other classes. They went well. I want to find easier videos to make. After some time, I can do the other ones. (maybe)
After my classes, I planned my next week on my bullet journal. I don't know why did I hurry up, but I think I should make something more organized in my life. I'm not a tree. I can change some details that I don't like about my life. I don't have to wait for almost anything. At least, I shouldn't be.
Today, I was going to continue my philosophy term paper, but I studied chemistry instead of that. I'm learning slowly. Some parts are still diffiult to me.
I hope, I'll improve myself day by day.

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