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2021-03-26 14:33:46 (UTC)

Greek Goggles

When I awoke this morning my phone was exhausted—
I remember falling asleep to the sound of footsteps
Now as I wake in the morning these are the things that I take inventory of.
When I was a little girl I liked Smurfs, Ponys, and Princesses.
In that order and with great delight.

I did not hear one affirmation before I was stricken
With sleep and wisked away into the tendrils of
A drag queen. 1058 1102 Some will understand
Even on a smash cake you got to pick a pan
I’m sick from kids playing with little plastic pieces.

All night trying to force these stolen moments into a physical form.
I did not elect to be a Jergens single lotion and some hotel soap
You lost the beat. We can all be at admission
I promised the wallpaper, you would not be my submission.
I’m a poet and I just don’t know it
Keep steppin bout my dad imma snap and imma show it
Every lace is not a complete thought but harmony is appreciated.

Say Trump you Vag. While I lose my sons to the Cabrini Greens Carter of ON TIME
So if I tell some horse face bit** to jump of her porch………………….cuz its on fire
OH the Gore!
But then you buy her a new house, should I tell others to jump off their porch. It is my right to express myself with some dignity. To have culture and to be safe with the tools I was presented. Keep out since you can’t form a thought.

How dare I embrace a spider web. And cry often to my many protégée that some terrific, radiant, wonderful, thingamajig of a pig is going to come take care of them and they cannot root too deep or care too much because it may cause problems when I am not there to protect them.
Then with the last dwindling embers of light, at the first marking of the millennium, I chose a weathered cedar board, and eased off into my eternity. You will not hold my babies captive they are grown. You will not pester my moo, flower, or pig. When the acryonym did not clear anachronistic and allow me to reference my new side hustle of reading tags on //s because this flourish is too tooled but it might
Help the Crazy 88 or Mommys Mixxis get some clout.
An anachronism (from the Greek ἀνά ana, 'against' and χρόνος khronos, 'time') is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of persons, events, objects, language terms and customs from different time periods. The most common type of anachronism is an object misplaced in time, but it may be a verbal expression, a technology, a philosophical idea, a musical style, a material, a plant or animal, a custom, or anything else associated with a particular period that is placed outside its proper temporal domain. (A woeful disruption in the fabric of truth and expression have occurred. Media as well as well-tailored fiction have not been given their respect. CONTEXT. But does not every feminine around the world want to be Cinderella? WATCH THIS-----CINDERELLA. Its better to play anarchy against smart strong people with some goddamn sense. Not thieves and villains wasting rind everywhere.
So every time there is a break in thought, I try to give you that break. The Thinker. Every time there is fun and beauty, I try to remind you to enjoy instead of compare. Every time there’s comparison you can handle I’m in there with my sleeves up, helping it all work together. I Balanced on one foot because in my world, since very young, Logic is the Magic.
I run my mouth MY WAY. --Delving deeper into the mediums of propagandist language, know the difference between this and that, Acronyms are the letters that signify the IRS or the FDA. The UN is the one that helps us separate our fingers from our toes. It’s the simple science of not lying or worse… Confusing truth or eliminating substance for reasons that are obvious to you and the audience.
In matters of character all people want to be viewed positively. I seem to be working hard. Me and Henry went to court about this. This is how I have to live. Act like u don’t kno sq ft and pin drop quiet. I am not going back and forth over the levels of this, simply to waste time and be insulted. I do not seem to be getting happy or more beautiful.
Lastly I am a COGIC. Child of God in Christ. When I approached people who had diverse disciplines and served Idle Gods I had two choices. One was to avoid them entirely. The other was to introduce them to the tangible reality that we are living in. Is it a decision to be illiterate running around the world sleeping with people? Is there a reason you do not have ownership of you L.A.B.E.L.I.N.G, manufacturing, and other copyrights. Sounds like you need a corporate lawyer or an entertainment lawyer. Images that are appropriate and examples that are safe to be repeated in an open forum. I wonder how that works. Especially when probability and statistics suggests that 80% of the citizenry will never make an external contribution in the esthetic world. Dizzying isn’t it.
Reguarding the UNITY effort in which the burgeoning LGBTQ community took the Drag Race all the way to Tanzania: Alaska called me Mini Mouse and I swooned to be included. It was incredible to watch something so fruitful unfold. I am talented and involved but also focused and deserving. To see encouragement and engagement take souls all over the world with the purpose of sharing a piece of peace. That is a homonym btw. I was glad that silly time was chosen, U? I am watching that star light up the sky right now, as my husband sings all the snakes away. My daughter, just one of them, loves to dance and errybody kno she good! A million little pieces of me.
So we have covered law, unity, silly and duty. These days binge-watching, might lead you to believe that some of us have no feelings. You tell MY estranged, that they are priority and being prayed for as we speak. Don’t settle for melancholy babies-be happy( with as few PAB as possible). May all my vibrations reach their intended and wave energy at others. So not diligence nor passion will win this race. It will be the stark

I have to live it