If I die today
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2021-03-26 05:45:28 (UTC)

headaches heartache hero

I got a headache yesterday not ready to lable it a migraine but it was intense probaly from lack of sleep this was around 4p. I also was grinidnig my teeth with it as well. possible lack of sleep stress anxiety cause? I dont know but I took a flexril at about 4 then took 1 melation also bc I was just wanting to be wiped out and I got my feeling upset I dont even think it hurt I'm just frustrated not bc I miss my love bc I think its healthy to miss a day or 2 but I'm upset but the text I got that that said soo eCarri made plans for us to go to my daughters I dont hink I'll have time to visit. I replied have a good visit or some dumshit like that just bc i want him to have a good relationship with his daughter but its bullshit this other person is running his schedule and I dont want to open up a text argument. so I tried to play nice. It not that I wanted or needed him I mean I'll take him anytime but just the mear fact this woman is allowed to bully him and he takes it like that and I'm freakin helpless bc she got me thiere I'm not going to take time away from his family I think its good for him to have that bond with his daughter and granddaughter and im not going to fight a 60year old lady and Im not going to fight for a freakin man. If he's a man he'll be a man theres no fight. Ok this headache hit and I texted him before I went to bed this is between 4 and 5 I just said I have a haeadache will be away from my phone for a bit. I got a text around 7 how am I? then do i need anything and I did I asked for gingerale then a minute later i thought hmm if I can eat Id want yogurt so I asked for that too. I have spefic diet needs bc allergies that do have potionel for anphalxis so my order is kinda special . the gingeral I usually get bc I cANNOT have cinimaion is like almost 2$ a bottle or a 4 pack for between 6 and 8 dollars so I olny asked that for ginerall withou cinnaim he asked where to get it so I sent him a pick of what I usually buy but said you get something cheaper if you find it. Then I vaguely said PLAIN yogourt. He arrived quicker than i exspected with the exact fancypnats ginerale and he was so sweet he said he didnt know how I like my yogurt organic low fat no fat or whole but he has seen me have whole milk so he got whole I told him that didnt matter just the allergens but omg he's so sweet. We visited for a minute just a visit I just wanted to hug him and rest. I mean stff like that touches my heart. I was back alseep soon as he left so sad I didnt even eat the yogurt (he got me a tub so its a few servings:) ) I have some yogurt out now thou that I"m planning on eating in a second . I wokr up about 4/430ish coffee was ready- french press by 445 I caught the news watched a show n stretched already. No physical complaints really just gassy and I'm not sure if I'm backed up or runnin on empty so we will see I didnt have dinner last night and yesterday I ate a fastbreak for breakfast, olny drank half my press coffee, then I had vegetbales-- cabbag sp[inach carrots, onion and a few steak pieces over rice but lotssa butter and garlic cooked in. so my diet lacks much I had an apple after a 10min run as well. todays plan is to get some laundry done. try not to be lazy cleaning the living/bedroom and no run is on the adgenda I'd actually like to take a bath before I go out then have a walk. I want to start chores at 8 ease into em. Guess thats my laziness spekaing maybe hit the bath by 11 then figure lunch and walk and nap. I think I'm going to want my love this evening althou I dont have big plans and I feel stupid wanting him to do nothing we;ll figure it out doesnt always have to be at his exspence but usually is. oh also I'm going to call spetcrum to dispute my 70$ bill since it was supposed to be lower not higher then get that bill paid. I'm pretty thankful this morning for my man still blows my mind but I dont have the heart to fully trust him as it seems his driven by this woman. IDK but one thing at a time. I'm worried healthwise about allergies- or whatever the headache cause is.

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