London Life
2021-03-26 11:53:59 (UTC)

The incompetent bike repair man and the incompetent election system

I felt tired all day and it was hard to get down to work. My boss worked out a development plan for me. I think he realised I just hadn’t wanted to engage with the Development Centre which is why my results were quite poor. I should have finished it a year ago but managed to keep postponing it in the hope it would go away. In fact I could still have had a 90-minute discussion about the results with one of the consultants, but that would have been horrible and I managed to persuade my boss that they’d given me a final deadline of 29th January (which was initially true, and I showed him that email when he asked me) but afterwards they said I could book it before the end of this month.

At lunchtime I went to get my bike brake mended. This time there was no queue, probably because of the drizzle. The repair man said to come back after twenty minutes, but it didn’t take that long to get our lunch at Leon, and Jack wanted to go back to the bike shop before we went for a coffee. So we were hanging around the shop waiting for the man to finish the job. Eventually, when a second man saw we were waiting, he took over the repair and told the first man several things he’d done wrong. So it was a good thing we’d been there, otherwise I’d have had to make do with the incompetent first man’s repair. He told me I needed a new chain system and a service, but why should I believe him?

It was raining quite hard when we came out, so we cycled home rather than try to find somewhere sheltered to drink a coffee. We watched on television the second half of England u21’s finals group match against Switzerland in Slovenia, which they lost 1-0, and while Jack was doing a quiz with his drumming friends, we saw the senior team beat San Marino 5-0 on ITV in a World Cup qualifier. We also listened to a fascinating live talk by Professor John Curtice talking about the first-past-the-post electoral system and proportional representation, whether the former even did what it claimed, and how we could get the latter introduced.

I used my sugru to repair the plastic of my headphones, though I had to give it a second go. I booked some tickets to see a play at the Hampstead Theatre revived from 1975, ‘Death of a Black Man’, which starts after the West Indies cricket victory in England in 1973. This is the first play I’ve booked for when theatres re-open.