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I Hate Middle School
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2021-03-26 01:15:13 (UTC)

I Finally Did It

DeAr DiArY,

I’m running out of ways to start an entry TUT. Other than that though I finally started up a conversation with Michael today UuU. We’ve been texting each other for like the past half hour or so with a break cause we both had to do chores or what ever. I’m so happy I finally built up the courage to talk to him again though because I think we have something good between us. Not like anything weird just a good friendship and I know it’s never gunna be the same now that we’re in middle school but I guess that’s okay. Honestly though I’d still give anything to be back in 3rd grade again. I didn’t know it them but those were probably the best 3 years of my life. And now it’s all over and I’m stuck in middle school with sooooo may problems I need to fix. Anxiety, ADHD, friend drama, bad grades, no self confidence, the list goes on... But I guess you can’t go back in time so I’ll just have to salvage what little bit of my old life I had and make due for now. Until next time,