London Life
2021-03-25 18:16:53 (UTC)

Tuesday/Wednesday - The bike shop, the Strand and Tottenham Hale

We went to the bike shop to get my brake cable sorted out. It had only needed tightening but when Jack tried to pull it taught, the whole thing collapsed. But there was a queue outside the bike shop, so I decided to go at an earlier time another day. We went to the Moreish café for lunch, which we ate in Cartwright Gardens.

After work I went to the Strand to help with the clothes. It was a lot less chaotic than last time, as we had more room to spread out, instead of just using the lorry. Gayle with her bike was there, who I managed to remember had just moved from the Elephant to Brixton, as well as Lorna, who sounded pleased to see me, and Anastasia, who is lovely but not very chatty. Danny was there and he naturally wanted to speak to the girls he hadn’t met before, which got in my way rather. Oliver also turned up but I never have much to talk to him about. It’s still striking how empty the roads like St Martin’s Lane are, with all the theatres and restaurants closed.

Because I got distracted by porn, I was late meeting Jack for lunch (while persuading him I hadn’t been able to find him – and I couldn’t get through to his phone, which helped), then had to retrace my steps as we’d decided to go to Ellie’s. This time we drank our coffee on the benches near the main road, which meant we could talk about the people coming out of the station (mostly women, for some reason), instead of going to the Gardens where we just talk about the pigeons.

I’d given myself ninety minutes to run to Tottenham for a task, which was a good thing as despite trying to get everything ready in advance, I still left home more than ten minutes late. I didn’t get lost so got there nicely on time, enough time to put warmer clothes on. I got that right this time, with a jumper and under-shirt round my waist when running, and in my backpack a light cycling jacket and running tight. This time I went along the back street route, as we were further East than at recent Wednesday tasks.

The task was in Tottenham Hale, not by the River Lea where I went to a task in that area last summer, but in the same road, which is horribly busy with traffic and seems to be entirely lined with building sites, making you wonder what it was like before. Sam thought the buildings were too high. We were working with Leyna, sweeping leaves and moving a few heavy objects. I chatted mainly with Catherine. It was all the same people I saw last week, three of whom are very loud.

While I was running I listened to programmes about leadership and the virus, and also about Isaac Newton who it seems lost a lot of money on the South Sea Bubble, and also wrote about alchemy more than anything else. It might have made more sense if he', d known about nuclear fusion.

Leyna offered us a lot of food at the end – special yoghurt, broccoli and other vegetables but I couldn’t carry anything as I was running so just ate a banana. It was quite an ordeal running back but despite my headphones conking out around Finsbury park, I managed to keep my mind off the boring nature of the last part of the run.

We found out that there'd been a mayoral election debate on BBC London earlier and with difficulty we found it. Shaun Bailey came over better than expected and might gain a bit in the polls, unless people think he sounds like a shouty teenager. Sadiq was able to accuse him of putting down London instead of celebrating it, though it's almost inevitable you'll sound negative when you're trying to unseat an incumbent.

Unfortunately, I started looking at Instagram before bed, found that one of the girls who posts nice pictures of herself has also done sexy modelling, so I spent two hours looking at pictures until nearly two o’clock.