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2021-03-25 17:44:39 (UTC)

1000 Points

My home is filled with 1000 Points of light.
All stops are electrical and elective. I am tired of listening.
The tag is about esthetic beauty and theoretically esoteric power.

It is logical to separate thoughts, but it is also obvious when you cheat.
The Logos of a “thing” will always reveal its truth.
If one cannot consult and appease the cosmos discreetly,
then my ideas don’t matter. Because I am not talking to a human form.
I am relating to a theoretical environment that holds firm in space and time.
According to context I will not be talking to you, raceless and formless.

I am presenting; sharing an idea that I choose to.

The social definition of 1000 points of Light is that people are studying Luciferianism, idol worship, and body worship. The human mainframe is the idol. It takes a group, but with thoughts so unclear the Idiom of a group can be manufactured. Care that. Natural affinity for positive attention is a great motivator, but I decided a long time ago that I do not want to be pestered by the following:. Fans, inappropriate responsibilities, rubberneckers, tasteless business ventures I cannot capitalize on, lushes, old people, people who don’t cook and quickly, people who confuse violence with dominance. People who HAVE to be sexual, people who never step off base or make any sacrifices for others, and to clarity People who don’t step it up for ME..

Essentially I do not want anyone NEAR me who does not make a similar effort in presenting their life. It seems controlling consequences and living in sickening divergence is the only task, the talent of the day.

Respect the boundaries of thought like you respect those masks. Imagine how frustrating it is to think that anyone who ever saw a sexual struggle or had to deal with violence in childhood is calling RIGHT NOW. I do not need the label of an empath. I am not a ship to be scavenged, knowing how aggressive adults mimic the pain of true victims, for likes. And if you see a focus there that does not include you all the better.

So no spiritual or political figures, no gay grandmas, please tell me I am not over it for the 1000th time.

I am not god nor jesus. You do not have to insult me to get my attention.

This is all the time I am donating to this issue notwithstanding. Nobody is a hero for seeing me for 5 minutes a long time ago or 5 minutes now for that matter. I do not want to normalize or encourage unnecessary entrenchments for lazy people whose only ever job in life has been taking care of themselves and making it look REALLLLLLLLY difficult. [email protected]
Act it or don’t. You do not distract my thinking mind and that is too many fucking people with too many irritating addendums to behavior, for me to deal with. I will not be looking for you. Stop exaggerating and stop manifesting to me. Health and Safety to all.

PS# Please watch DigitalLivesMatter the movie as a Clevelander
Threeshotscloserangenevertouchme--mother, brother and sister should never harm you
and wish to see you safe and loved in the world. Im woke. Work harder to get around me.