London Life
2021-03-25 16:52:26 (UTC)

Monday: Q&A, antibody test, music videos.

I thought we were going to Cafe de Nata for lunch, which I realised Patrick had actually told me about before I stumbled across it with Jack. However I misunderstood what Jack had seen there the other night and we could only get vegan puddings only. We looked at the new Morrisons’ takeaways, at their temporary building in Chalk Farm Road, which we’d seen operating through a hatch the other night, and which operate from inside during the day. However the vegan stall only did fast food, so we thought we might as well go to Neat in the market where I got a fishless fillet and salad.

While waiting for Jack on the canal, as he got the coffees, I realised we were now short of time, I had to get back to a training session, so we started back along the canal though we did have time to sit down for a bit in the sunshine.

At work we had a chaotic session from Martine about entering administrators’ details, then I had a one to one. I managed to bluff that I'd missed a deadline of 29th January to get the 90-minute feedback for my development report, and even had to to show the email to my manager. I avoided him seeing the later one which said I could actually do it by 31st March. I’ve done a great job in delaying the whole process, which started when we were still in the office, missing deadlines but still having to do the online version. Much of the criticism in the report was that I didn’t engage with people in the chat section, but this was because I just wasn’t interested in doing it. However I do realise that my boss needs to tick his own box to say that he’d done the session with me.

I had to do my finger-prick test to report to Biobank whether I’ve got covid antibodies, but first I listened to a recording of Simon’s Q&A with the organisers of the ultra in June. People doing the run include Sally, Vicky, Emily M, Lorna, Patrick, Tracey, Dharmesh as well as Steve L, Dom, David M and six others from my club including the mysterious Niamh who comments on my runs online but I don’t remember where I’ve met her.

I was also looking at hip-hop videos, something I’ve picked up on in the last few months. I don’t look at music videos usually, because they distract from the music, and I don’t like much hip-hop, but the videos are often sexy, with rappers such as Cardi B and Stefflon Don getting to writhe around nearly-naked in sex clothes, often caressing their own cleavage and other girls’ bums and sometimes their boobs, spread their legs, with dancers twerking at the camera in thong knickers (though not all have nice bodies). Two of my favourite videos are ‘Paraiso da Revoada’ by MC Ryan SP (though not hip-hop), with numerous girls writhing virtually-naked on a bed, girls snogging, walking up stairs in thongs, and also Cardi B's 'Up', in which five girls in string bras and knickers all cuddle together, caress, grope and kiss each other with tongues.

I still look also at sexy athletes, water-polo, diving and circus videos, and some pole-dancing ones (occasionally girl-girl duos).