If I die today
2021-03-25 06:58:53 (UTC)

trigger happy

Well went to shooting range yesterday on my date . my good morning text yesterday asked is there anything I wanted to doo and yes there was . WE had a good time then ate wendys after I shouldnt have gotten the spicy but i knew better. So i signed myself up for heartburn a little. Last night was restless .. there a transient-type man yBobb nBrow he says his name is lives in our paking lot in his red car he was yelling at his dog last night then sounded like a late light gathering in the parking lot. SO whatever my sleep was shafted by noise. I was still lazy after nDea left I didnt eve shower I took my bed out thou. I just was tried. I havnt streteched just yet working on it I need to wash my shooting clothes and Is hould do another load too. Anyhow we bonded last night and meh IDK im not sure about the future and I dont wanna even talk about it but I love that man and he's got a good shot. Oh I saw yLindse to get the mail. I love that girl too she;s so sweet. IDK I want to work on being a better friend for her too I need to get in toouch with nKathlee who reached out to me last time guess I should start acklowdegeing people even my own mom. I want to work on not being so lazy and also I think I still need to behave as single. I didnt take anything yesterday not even a melation. Im still hungry right now so IDK whats up with that I already had 1 of thee sargeto fast breaks but maybe Ill try something else too before I stretch I would like to run today and I guess I can make the schedule work but chores are important first right? I physically think I can run muskoskeletally but who knows endurance wise but this coffee is my bff. Im going to try to think of 3 things I can do to redeem the time and work toward not being a sloth and maybe once things calm down Ill get a real medical evaltion and take that for what it is. Allrighty well I better start my day nothing super unusual or exciting to report but I'm me soo this is it.