Do Not Disturb

2021-03-23 23:36:58 (UTC)


I know I've been lazy lately with writing my entries and I love to write don't get me wrong but I've also been working and I only get one day off which is tomorrow out this whole week which sucks. But hopefully, next time I'll get a weekend off because I need a weekend off. They've been working my ass lately in the mornings. My draw wasn't short so that's good.

Still haven't gotten a call from my therapist and I could've sworn it was today. I gotta call them tomorrow on my off day and reschedule which might take them another month just to talk to them and it sucks because I be wanting to talk to someone now.

I guess I have to reschedule my therapist appointment since she didn't call. And yes its a she. We talk over the phone but she just asked me a bunch of questions and I just answer yes or no to it. Its not like one of those psychiatrist which one I really need to talk to and get things off my mind instead of writing it because sometimes I feel like I'm gonna lose it and cry all over again but can't because I'm to sensitive and I guess that's a bad thing..... Oh well.

Mood : ✌🏼

- A

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