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2021-03-24 22:44:36 (UTC)

Up way too late 🥴

Gonna pay the price in the morning. I'm up way too late. Some things are on my mind of course so that's why. First, there is a position in one of the other Engineering group that I like. There are three Engineering groups doing slightly different things. There will be a spot on the other team that has a good bunch of guys. They are good team players and I'd love to work with this team. The boss is so very mellow and cool too. So I have an out from my current boss. We bump heads sometimes so it may be better that I move to another group anyway. I do love what I do though. The work I do is actually fun and will be missed if I'm lucky enough to transfer. However, I did tell myself to move a bit from my comfort zone so here I am uncomforting. hehe.

Some bad news. Landlord confirmed my rent was approved to be increased by him to the Property mgmt company so I will have to pay $100 more a month. It bothers me a bit because this guy tells me he is well to do and doesn't even need to touch his 401K and has more than enough money. Yet, he raises my rent and I'm the ideal tenant. I fix or have stuff repaired out of my own pocket. I live alone and 2 of the 3 bedrooms are not even used. So it bothers me that he ok'd the increase. Then I do a self check and even with the $100 increase, I still pay way below the market rate. Still bugs me though. hehe. But I can still smile. I have my peace in this house. Neighborhood is good. Neighbors love me because I'm always out and I'm pretty quiet when I'm at home anyway. My landscape is kept very well. Not because I do it but because I pay someone to do it and they do a great job. Anyway, won't be gong fishing with my Landlord anymore. He is lonely and wants to fish. His wife don't want him going alone because he's old so she wanted me to go with him to keep him safe. Well, He and his $100 dollars can go kiss my butt and go by himself. pffft!!! Sorry, just a little pouting on my part. $100 doesn't come easy. That's 2 hrs of work before taxes you know? Grrrr

I've been watching this guy on youtube and he has his thoughts about being a bachelor. His main mantra is telling people that getting married now at a later age is not worth it among other things of course. He does have some points that I understand and maybe believe in. He talks about how online dating is not the place to be. He also explains why a dude my age is not getting the hits that I should be getting because women have a false sense of what they want and what they can really get. etc, etc, etc. To me, he seems a little upset at women and bashes the single women nowadays. He selects the worse dating profiles to show and how crazy they are. But I'm sure to make it more shocking, he picks the worse of the worse. I dunno. He does have some points to consider but I dunno. The guy's site is call "Better Bachelor". Now I don't want to not give this guy a chance so I'll give it a couple of weeks before I tune him out should I feel he is just being a pig or being true to real world as they are right now. I'll update more as I watch more of his vids should I decide to keep listening to him.

Otherwise, life is good. Still didn't fix my microwave oven. Still didn't put together my gym box.Still didn't ship my gopro9 for an exchange. Still waiting on my custom spare tire from the shop to match my current rims and wheels. I'd say still waiting for Mrs right but the dude I'm listening too may make me change my mind. haha.