Living Without Lighting
2021-03-25 08:43:00 (UTC)

A Cinematic Success

I finally did it. I put together a video, or a rough draft that is, for the first time in three years. Well I've made a couple short edits mostly for my own amusement during this gap, however this video is meant to be shared with the world. I feel proud of myself for it, and it's almost like I recovered a little piece of myself that had been lost through my years of depression and partaking. It just needs to be touched up and it'll be completed.

In addition, tomorrow will mark my fourth week sober, which is another huge accomplishment. For the first time in a long long while I feel like I've got some control over my life. The drone video was a success, as well as the sobriety and this journal, what other things can I accomplish by simply putting my mind to it? The sky's the limit.

As for other musings, tonight's work shift was jarring as usual. Some lady with a tweakish disposition told me that the covid vaccines are made out of aborted fetuses. In addition, it felt like the entire nightlife of my city decided to parade in an hour before we closed, which for whatever reason always gets on my nerves. Like it's 8pm, don't your kids need to be in bed or something? I'm getting paid for it after all, so I shouldn't complain. It only becomes really problematic when a customer brings a month's worth of shopping to the front counter five minutes before we close.

In other interests, I began a new story, "The Man Whom the Trees Loved" by Algernon Blackwood. His two previous stories I had listened to turned out to be great, so I have reason to suspect this one will be good too. I recently read "The Hoofed Thing" and needless to say I wasn't every enamored by it. It was a creepy concept, but the story fell apart through its forced romanticism as well as its use of a MacGuffin. That's really all what's on my mind tonight, it's 2am and I'd like to settle down. Until next time...