This Is It - 2021
2021-03-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

The Final Day


I went for a nice walk today around my college area - It seemed like decent enough weather. Unfortunately it did hit 90° while I was about a half hour out from my apartment and I had to walk back and get all sweaty and pink-shouldered. But I still think walks are a great way to spend time! Especially since my apps finally work again and I was able to boot up so Pokémon to play with as I went.

Packed some extra clothes and accessories to bring back so hopefully I can put some sort of effort into my outfits again (probably won't, but a nice option). After my walk J and I hung out in my room while I packed/played on my phone and we sent each other funny/Cursed™Tumblr posts/TikToks - the true modern-day friendship interactions. And all because I called him short (which he is)

I'm back in my mom's house. Had a great time listening to the Magnus Archives on the way back to prepare for the finale tomorrow. I listened to Night Vale on the way to my apartment and both podcasts have me feeling a LOT of emotions right now. Nervous to sleep because then I'll wake up and it will be The Day. But also not that nervous - I'm tired, man

Still can't use memes in these things but just imagine the "24 hours remain" meme here

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