This Is It - 2021
2021-03-23 00:00:00 (UTC)

A Visit


My phone is...sort of working today. Most of my apps still crash as soon as I open them. Lost my bonus on a game that you build up logging in everyday. Discovered you can do Duolingo on desktop, though, so I didn't lose that one.

This'll probably go up tomorrow (not that that means anything to anyone reading this beyond then). I'm at my apartment for the night - made the drive a few hours to check up on it, bring some more stuff back. I've been staying at my mom's house during the lockdowns to help care for the house and my sister, and to stay close, but I do have a place of my own. Well, my and three other flatmates' place I suppose. I'm more tired than I expected after that drive. And I'm emotionally tired too after being all ~emotionally vulnerable~ in my group therapy. I'm going to Sleep. And I'll probably end up remembering to post this when I start up tomorrow's entry. Snooze

Actually first I just wanted to throw out that I updated my phone to try and fix it before realizing the app issue was widespread, and you know what the BIGGEST pain with it is? They moved the comma. It used to sit next to the period, and now it's on the opposite side of the space bar. Do you know how MANY times I've hit . meaning , ??? And it's been a DAY. First world problems I know just a weird change

This bed is so much bigger than the one in my mom's house...