Being Sam
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2021-03-25 07:20:05 (UTC)

"Upbeat" kind of person

Its a common stereotype that British people are pretty sarcastic and droll all the time and to be fair, alot of people I know are too serious and negative most of the time but it's kind of just the norm.
Honestly I've always thought I was the same because I'm usually quicker to point out when something has gone wrong, rather than when something is all good.
But yesterday, a girl from work was laughing at my enthusiasm over receiving my new handmade shoe bench a coat shelf and made a comment like "always so easily amused" and I don't really know if it was said to take the piss or in a sort of nice way? Regardless it made me stop and think a second, and I am. I am a pretty enthusiastic person who will be over the moon over the smallest things. And I actually really like that about myself.
We've managed to get a house I never dreamed I could afford growing up and I'm slowly filling it with bits and pieces of GOOD furniture and everyday I look around and think I need to pinch myself because this isn't real! So yeah, I'm smiling and grinning like an idiot when a delivery turns up because this is fucking exciting! It's an achievement! I can't imagine being the kind of person who orders something they love, and when it turns up I'm like "yeah cool whatever" No. NOPE. I'm the person that squeals and jumps around like a dork for a few minutes because WOOHOO! NEW STUFFFFF! lol
I'm the person who goes on a night out and LAUGHS because I'm out and enjoying myself and its fun. I'm not the person who goes out to some snobby place and sips a cocktail quietly while taking the odd photo so I can pretend I had the best time on social media. Not a chance. I'm the 2am in a club full of people atleast 20 years older than me listening to something random like I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany while trying to line dance or something.

I just want to enjoy life and be happy with the things I'm doing and the things I have. So yeah, if somebody comes back off holiday and they've thought of me and brought me a magnet? I am going to tell them repeatedly that I love it and how awesome it is and then I'm going to go home and find a place for it because that was a really nice thing for them to do!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not bouncy and upbeat 24/7...I'm human! But I just realised that for the most part, I'm enjoying my life and am highlighting the good parts and the reasons to smile and I like that I do that.

This wasn't meant to he a brag post lol ...guess I just wanted to remind future me that I'm enjoying life and celebrating the little things...just incase future me has forgotten to do that ;)

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