Experienced Life
2021-03-24 19:38:11 (UTC)

I give up 🥴

So I stopped trying to communicate with the lady that gave me her number. Today, I see her or she saw me and tapped me on the shoulder from behind. She asked me about Covid trying to make small talk asking if I already had my shots. I'm thinking to myself that I'm nowhere near being close to being eligible for the shot next. Then later, she came over to me as she was leaving...I'm like huh? You respond to me that next day anytime I text you and now you want to chat because I stopped? Silly people. Whatever interest I had in her is now all gone. Kinda spoiled the fun out of it. It's obvious she's reading some book or watching some youtube vid on how to get a guy. Not for me life is too short. Moving on.

Anyway, crossfit class was extra hard for me today. Couldn't punch my way out of a wet paper bag now. Burpees, push ups, and chest press in one session. Arms feels like jello which is good so my Spongebob arms may get a little more toned. The rest of my body feels fine. Not completely pain free from sore muscles but I'm never like that till the weekend.