my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-24 18:32:40 (UTC)

just a dream, and an ordinary day

I saw a dream last night. I was waking up late, and missing my exam. I was going to school late. I failed and I was sad. Then, I was hanging out with my closest friends. We were having a selfie while we were sitting on the grass behind of the school. After that, I went home but some minutes later, my firends called me and told that they are together with my crush. I was dressing and going to the school yard, while I was walking Iı was seeing him and he was asking "where are you going?"
Of course, I woke up and I was about to be late for my online classes. Luckily, most of my online classes were cancelled. I have 40 days to complete my studies and terms papers. So, I had a rest today. I created a new social media account. It is a dictionary site, and I'm sharing entries about different topics there.
I also did something "important",too. I studied German and geography. I was too careless in my geography exam, but I was able to get a great grade: 91/100.
Next Monday, I'll go to the literature club in my city. I'll take my book, I communicated with my teacher today. Actually, taking my book isn't an important issue to me but my mother wants this a lot. Because one of my essays was published there. I wrote that essay in 2016, and it is my most popular essay. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my talent.

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