La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-03-24 15:59:03 (UTC)

Smartest by expirience

While learning to love myself, I've realize just how much has to change to do this, my eating habits to begin with has been something that was hard at a begining but that has made all the difrence in how I feel in the mornings and throughout the day. And yes my essential oils have made a huge difrence ass well. Investing in myself has been by far the best thing I've made in a long long time, but it's never to late to get a fresh begining in your proyects. I mean am the oldest in my class at the moment, but am also the smartest by expirience, so it all has it's advantages.
I feel great, motivated a little overwhelmed well just because sometimes I feel like I have no idea what am doing, but I also know am not the only one here, learning as I go. This is just what I needed to feel a little like myself again, am learning to see and expirience life in a diffrent level. I am deserving of the best, I belive I can and I will. Writting my second book is also motivating because the pieces of my story are all falling into place, finishing up all the details and structure of the story is the funnest part of writting.
Anyhow, a lot of this is the result of hardships and sorrows, today my little sister is having a hard time thinking of our brother who just recently past away, but is best to honer his death by living our own life to the fullest in his memory.