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2021-03-24 08:27:44 (UTC)

Ever so grateful 😊

Man, I sometimes forget how good I have it until I recall things from the past. At least until Facebook reminds me of things 😤. So glad and grateful that I'm where I am now. What a toxic relationship I used to have with my ex wife even though this was many years ago I do not take what I have for granted....ever. I'm so glad I can now wake up with nothing but peace. While I do try new things when I can, there is the peace that surrounds me now. This morning as other mornings, I can hear the nice sounds of the birds chirping (and the garbage truck because it's trash pickup day) to wake me up and that's more than fine.

I look forward to work. It's still fun and the time does go by quickly. After work, there is of course my crossfit class that I enjoy so much and have enjoyed even through Covid. There were times where we just did online zoom classes. For the longest time we'd be outdoors under a canopy stuck in a 6'x6' square area with limited equipment. But now? Hell yeah!! We are back indoors and rotating to all kinds of different equipment. We get to be social again and it's so much fun plus it's a workout so having fun with friends and doing something healthy is a win-win situation. Coming home with the newly created happy chemicals being released from gym class is priceless. I again have to state that the biggest key to snap out of depression or anything negative is to go work out. You think it's all in your mind but nope, that sad feeling is all in your body releasing the negative chemicals causing you to feel bad.

Then after the end of the day, I still have to setup my gym box and fix my microwave. Oh yeah, my gopro9 needs to be shipped back and replaced. Another to-do.

A funny thing happened a couple weeks ago that I didn't mention. This lady asked me for my number and I gave it to her. She's not bad looking but her personality is what I enjoyed from the limited time I conversed with her. So I send her little texts from time to time just to keep the small chit-chat going and when I do meet up with her it's short and casual in a group setting. I started to see a pattern though. Not sure if she's reading up on the latest dating to-dos or what. When I text her, she only responds the next day. Always. Is this a thing? Not wanting to be too easy or make me do the chasing? Meh... maybe it is but communication sure takes a lot longer. So.... I don't feel like playing and just deleted her number. I can see maybe chasing a little but the poor communication happening right now is not too fun at all so I'm not going to pursue this chase anymore.

Got no plans this weekend or at least nothing lined up thus far. So I really should get off of my butt and get those errands I need to do done. Anyway, it's time for coffee. Later diary :)

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