Experienced Life
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2021-03-23 23:17:05 (UTC)

Some brutal flashbacks 😤

Got another flashback memory thing from Facebook. I think about 7 years ago? This one was brutal as usual. Life was a tad bit brutal back then. I had rented a dvd and was anticipating watching it when I got home you know? But upon trying to play it, I found out my DVD player was gone. So...yeah. No movie night for me so I figure I may as well try to clean out the garage now that I have some unexpected extra time on my hands. Well, I went into the garage to move some things around and low and behold, my hand truck was also missing. There were other things that was missing but you get the theme of the way that day went.

I just remember in a flashback moment the humiliation, frustration, and hurt that I felt. I mean this was my ex wife and to stoop to stealing things from me that way while I was at work, it ripped my soul apart. Not the cost of the things that were taken but what little trust that I had was just tossed into the wind. I'd trust a vagrant in my home more than my ex wife at that point. I never understood how people could do things like that. The evil heart that you have to have to do things like that.

Obviously over the years, I've renovated my home a few time not by choice but because the ex would take shit. hehe. I never understood how some people could be so damn evil. Yet, I'm so glad all these are now just past memories and I'm in a better place now. Now, I can buy shit and toss shit away or give it away just because I feel like it. I don't want to become a hoarder so I purge a lot of stuff by throwing it away or giving it away.

Anyway, that fb memory post now has me so relieved that life is different now. I don't have anyone betraying me. I got lots of friends and I will never go hungry or without the funds to buy stupid things I don't really need. Being a piss ass poor kid in Hawaii cleaning rich people's yards to what I do now, I guess I can't complain at all. No, I don't have a beachfront home in Malibu but I'm a pretty happy camper. As far as still not with a special person? It's ok. Been with someone before and the the worse hell I ever faced was when I was with someone. aka: the devil. 😈

Now? I come home in peace. All my things are still here each and everyday. Nothing missing and no stress whatsoever about what someone may or may not do. I rarely am upset when I'm home. Work? Pffft!! I'm getting paid to sit in front of a computer and being at home, I can work in semi-commando attire. Now is that the American dream or what?

But yeah, so grateful that I'm not in that mess anymore. I never forgot where I came from and never ever will take peace for granted.

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