Experienced Life
2021-03-23 16:35:24 (UTC)

Ugh... rent might be raised 😤

So I get along very very well with my Landlord. Went fishing with him once and he has no one to go with so I love kayak fishing and I love keeping the rent down so I go with him at times. Whenever he comes to do stuff here, I make small chit-chat and follow along with Political agenda so you know...buddies. I'm careful not to break anything and I do a lot of repairs on my own so I don't cost him much. I live alone so two of three bedroom sits dormant and unused. I remind him of this so I can pretend to be the ideal awesome tenant he ever has. I actually am. Little wear and tear and I have a job so rent is always paid on time or early. On time meaning on the 1st or a couple of days earlier. Not by the last day to pay which is always the 5th.

Anyway, I got a letter from the property mgmt today saying they will increase my rent a tiny bit. #R#R#%$#^EFEW^&YTRR#@$!!!! Yeah!! That's what I think about it. $100 increase is not a tiny bit. A tiny bit to me is shaving one little piece of pubic hair. $100 is quite a bit. So I know property mgmt always increase rent without notifying the owner. So I email my good buddy the landlord and asked if he raised my rent or allowed the property mgmt company to raise my rent. Pending response. To be honest, I've been able to keep my rent down by a lot. Over the years and with the price of homes here in Sacramento, I should actually be paying about $600 more. I figure rent should be at about $2,300 right now so meh... I'll calm the effe down and accept the rent increase if it has been authorized by my landlord. I have finagled my way to keeping my rent low all these years because I'm such a nice guy. hehehe. I hope he calls and tells the property management company to not increase my rent. Otherwise, landlord can go fishing on his own lonesome self. Ass kissing is hard work 🤪 He asked me last week what my intentions are and I told him I have no plans and would stay for a few years minimum. I thought that sealed the deal to keep my rent low but I guess I'm losing my touch. We shall see. I mean that's like 5 bottles of decent wine I'm losing out on. Hehe. 1st world problems🤘

Heidi mentioned the couple that was going to be the step parents for my friend's kiddo. The one that passed away. Heidi said they both have good jobs so they are doing very well. I can't help but flashback and told Heidi. "That be-atch ex gf!!! We had that income. She made 85K at the time a few years ago and Im made I think around 108K. We both got raises since then so it would've been a good dang lifestyle we'd have. But no..... I'm here in this house paying all the bills on my own in lieu of sharing expenses. Don't want the ex back but that possibility of such a nice lifestyle seemed so teasingly close dang it!! Vacas every 4-6 months. All the toys I wanted would have been mine. Boat truck, motorcycle, etc, etc. Extra savings. Sigh.. We even put it down on an excel spreadsheet once just to see how it'd look. Sigh.. We wouldn't saved close to $2,000 each a month. But no... lost that chance. Even Blue Faye had a good job. She was a Scientist and had a good job too. But the craziness in her soured that possible future. #noboatinsite #glamourousvacationsareoverrated