Do Not Disturb

2021-03-22 22:12:48 (UTC)

Monday Through Thursday

I'm babysitting my aunts dog until Thursday because their going on a little mini vacation time Florida. You could say more like a spring break vacation but ad much sd I love babysitting him I would live to go to Florida to. My mother said we'll give to Florida to and she'll rent a car and everything.

I thought my therapy appointment was today because I looked at my calendar on my phone but I never got a missed call or anything from a private number because that's what they always call in.

I looked at my calendar again and its not today its tomorrow but I still might need to change it to Wednesday because I'm off that day and it'll be easier for them to call me early instead of me being at work because its like a 1 session to talk to the therapist and boy do I have a lot to say.

I took my nails off because they were already coming off and they were getting in the way of things no matter how much I like to get them done most of the time. Its been a whole year without them and I finally got to a fast food job that let's me wear nails but I need to learn how to get around them without actually breaking them.

I've been hanging out with C a lot lately. Him driving me to and from work. Him spending the night at my house but only one time and yes my mother said it was okay and me spending the night at his house. I think I spent the night at his house more than he did at my house. But I think his mother really doesn't care and I think mine doesn't care but its just out of respect you know. And I like going to his house more anyways and not just because of sex. He still owes me from where we suppose to go to bowling but it end up raining and I was mad but I still got to hang out with him that night until around 2 something.

Anyways, I love this little dog to death. I mean I love Colby to death. I really wish he was my dog. But I might get a dog myself but here in the apartments that we stay it cost $250 for the dog which isn't to bad.

Thst is all.

- A