La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-03-23 23:12:23 (UTC)

Try again, and again.

As I work on getting my goals taken care of, all those plans that where put on hold with my 4th pregnacy and second child, I realize it's so much harder than I thought, I begin to question it all,¿ is this something I'm truly passionate about? ¿will all my time invested in this new proyect be worth it?¿will it take away time away from my family that I'll regret? and the anwser is yes, it will be hard, yes it will make me go out of my confort zone big time, but it will also be all worth it at the end I just know it, everything worth fighting for is a reward in itself, because it will allow us to grow. I can and I will do this.
The possibilities are endless, I have the drive, but my body is unresponsive, and these are the days I just want to lay back and sleep. I've done what I can for the day. Tomarrow all try again.

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