Scream Above the Sounds
2021-03-23 17:42:24 (UTC)

Procrastination and Medication

It's Tuesday and I still haven't started my essay. Mainly because it isn't remotely interesting I guess, it's about sales and marketing. I'm gonna start it tonight, for sure. It's not due in until midnight on Friday so I have plenty of time to really hammer it out over the next few days. I've done well in all of my university stuff so far so hopefully I can repeat that here. I think it's just difficult to get going, but once I do everything else tends to fall into place. My girlfriend usually helps a lot too with sourcing information and whatnot. I'm not sure why I do it to myself, I have this weird mindset of enjoying 'free time' up until the point where I don't have it anymore and then I know I need to smash this essay before it's too late. Whereas really I should be looking at it as 'the last piece of work' before the holidays. Right now it's an inevitable dark cloud that is following me around, but either way I vow to start tonight! It'll be a late night for me tonight, no doubt about it. I think the essay is about 1500 words maybe so I'll make a strong start tonight and then keep plugging away until Friday. It's going to feel so good when this week is over.

I've been on my medication since last Friday. I don't really notice a major difference, I'm still coughing but this is going to be a long process I guess and we'll see how I'm doing in 2-3 months when it's over with. I'm trying to look at things a bit more seriously. I had this weird epiphany a few nights ago about how laser focused I am on things that don't really matter that much to me. For example, building a new PC and finding the right/best parts to make my experiences in games more enjoyable. I care more about what's inside my PC than what's going on in my own body, and I guess that finally dawned me a few days ago. I drink way too much Pepsi and I suppose generally I'm turning into a bit of a slob now in lockdown. Running is still an issue because of this cough, there is just no consistency there. I bought 18 bottles of lemon flavoured water for less than £10 on Amazon, so I thought that was a good buy. I was also encouraged by my girlfriend to buy these vitamin c gummie things, you can eat them one a day. I'm a nightmare for tablets, I just can't swallow them. It's a weird psychological thing I guess. I think I'm genuinely some sort of man child, haha. Nobody else is this ridiculous. So yeah, even the medication that I'm on now are dissolvable tablets. I've always been this way, it's weird.