Living Without Lighting
2021-03-23 07:24:56 (UTC)

The Impromptu Interview

After waking up today at 12 I discovered a text on my phone which had been sent a few hours prior. It was from a manager at a pet store I had applied to, and she was asking if I could call back and set up an interview. I did so right away, and after some brief questions we got around to arranging it. After I told her tomorrow wouldn't work, she asked that I come in at 1, which was merely forty minutes from then! Needless to say I jumped into my dress clothes, did my hair and prayed that my mask would cover most of my five-o-clock shadow, as I didn't have time to shave. I made it to the store, and within a few minutes I was greeted by a different manager.

She led me to an unoccupied corner of the store to interview me, and she held a clipboard in which she scribbled down everything I said. Within a minute I could already tell she's one of those people that takes their job way too seriously, and leaves their soul with their time card after they clock in for the day. Well, she did show a light sense of humor, but even still her attitude was for the most part disconnected and to-the-point. After this evaluation I offered the traditional post-interview handshake, but she turned it down, in regards to coronavirus. An understandable reason, however I can't shake the feeling that it might also give hint to how she sees her workers. Objects, rather than acquaintances.

Other from that my day was comprised of light homework and chores. These horror stories I've been listening to have really been getting to me, as tonight I felt terrified merely stepping out onto my porch! This fear resurfaced as I heard a bang while in the kitchen, only to discover it was my dog pawing at the back window. Even still, the thought of a seven-foot lycan sweeping me from my driveway and into the hills never ceases to spook me.

Until next time...