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2021-03-23 00:27:56 (UTC)

My day 🥴

Work was not bad today. Busy but not out of control. Glad it went by quickly. Barely made it to the other gym in time. Visited the best of the best coach of all our gyms. Class was surprisingly not so big. The usual hard core crossfit peeps were not there. The only ones that was considered veterans were my gang that went there today from my gym. The rest are kinda mostly newbies. I don't know why and so I asked the Coach after class what happened? Where are the go getter crossfit gym peeps? He said they are mostly all gone. Some just quit the gym due to Covid and never returned. Hmph.... I named 1/2 a dozen former gym peeps and they are all gone now except for one that is moving to L.A. So I guess crossfit is not that easy I guess? Maybe they fell off due to job losses maybe? I can understand that so can't blame them. So the best coach of this company is not being put to good use. He should transfer to our gym. We got a good bunch of peeps in our gym. Coach did say that it's harder now because when he shows members how to do things and how to push themselves, they won't do it because they of course expect a coach to be able to do it. He said he don't have those veteran gym peeps that demonstrates how to do it so other newer gym peeps can't be inspired like before. If regular gym peeps do it, then the others are inspired and follow. Makes me sad and feel grateful that he was able to coach us at a time when the going was good and we're all that much better because of his coaching. Now he says he don't have anyone to demo the routine so they don't try as hard. Sad that it's like that now.

After class, we'd gather as usual in the parking lot. I gave some of my ribs to my newish clique to enjoy. I also brought some mask inserts to make breathing easier during workouts and gave those out to my clique. If you want to breath easier and I guess if you want to keep your lipstick on your lips and not on your mask, get this and thank me later. I use it to be able to breath better and speak clearer and not sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. We were talking about current and past gym peeps and wondered where they are and others that I don't know. So they show me pics of these ladies and I still didn't know who they were. Then the married lady that hangs with us asks or says if she's beautiful. I say I don't go there and that she's married and it's inappropriate to say things like that. My other friend that is close to her say that she wants to hear that from people. I replied by saying to get her husband to say that and not me. Not my thing. I'll be nice to her but I don't and won't cross that line. Not for me.

Got my printer set up. Boy, they sure make it fancy-smancy now. Last one lasted I think over a dozen years. Now it's all wireless and you have to load an app to make it work. Pfft!! Just more of an opening for hackers to get into my network at home. But I got skills and I make my network invisible and should be harder to hack (at least for the regular job-shmoe). I'm sure hackers from China or Russia could hack my system in minutes.
It's an HP printer and they really push on you joining their club for auto ink deliveries. Ugh..yeah. Screw that😤. They get you with the ink cartridges. I refill and buy generic knock-offs. Worked for me for 11 years. I don't think I'll have issues doing that again but HP is smarter and can detect fake ink cartridges now. I'll see how it goes when it's time to refill.

Still haven't set up my gym box, installed my new microwave lamp, or returned my gopro9 for exchange. I did check out youtube and I just need to take the cover off of the microwave. Yeah.... I put that on my to-do list.

I was able to give the things from my friend that passed to the new guardian of his kiddos. So one less thing to do. All I know is time went by so quickly today and it's near 1AM already.

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