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I Hate Middle School
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2021-03-22 13:23:00 (UTC)

Everybody Loves Her


This actually happened like a week ago but I just didn't feel like writing about it until now. So I was walking down the halls with Avery and she told me she had to tell me a secret. I told her "you better not tell me you have a crush on Kiarra because I will slap you" and then she gave me that guilty as charged look and said, "am I that obvious". I was like hell yeah, Kiarra all she ever talks about and I'm pretty sure she's using our friendship to get closer to Kiarra but whatever. I don’t know what’s so special about Kiarra but everyone seems to like her. It’s not even just the stupid boys anymore it’s stupid girls too. I mean I guess I get why, she’s pretty, she’s cool, she’s smart, and funny. But what is it about her specifically that everyone seems to love. I guess I’m sort of a hypocrite here though cause you gotta love her honestly. Not in that sort of way just a friend way but she definitely has a charming personality and a lot of good qualities. She’s my best friend and I know her better than anyone so if anyone know it’s me. Speaking of Kiarra, I’m not exactly sure what happened but I think she hates her online boyfriend now. I guess he stole something from her in Minecraft or something stupid like that. I swear, what are we seven?! I wish we were still seven but I guess the good old days are as good as gone. But then again these will probably be the good old days to me in a few years so I guess I better cherish now rather than complain. Ha! You thought! Imma complain all I want because no matter what future me thinks, today’s sucked and I like complaining. I’m gunna go watch supernatural till 1:00 AM for the 18th night in a row byeeeeeee!