my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-22 18:57:20 (UTC)

today was supposed to be productive

Today was going to be a "productive day" for me. Maybe it was, I'm not sure. After my morning lessons, I practised German for my speaking exam, or it was just an interview. It was easier and better than I thought. Speaking without cameras for an online exam can be the most nonsense thing. I wrote the sentences which I'll use my interview, and I read them when I needed them. And I was excited because I was about to miss my speaking turn. I was always called by my parents because of extremely silly reasons.
After that speaking exam, I talked with one of my best friends. Actually, he isn't he best but one of the closest one in my class. He asked me something about the exams, but we talked more than this. He talked about politics etc. Also, I learnt that my aunt is looking for a new place to move. Probably, she'll be the neighbor of my "closest friend". I hope she can bear with him. Because my aunt doesn't like noisy places. That's why she wants to change her house. Of course, she doesn't know that my friend is a huge rock'n roll fan. He plays the guitar all day, lol. I like music. I love classical music, but I'm not old :')
For tomorrow, I want to call my grandmother. Because she sent great pastries with my mother. I also want to comminucate with one of my old teachers. I don't like him, but I must take my book. Actually, I should have done it 6 months ago.

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