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2021-03-22 10:56:24 (UTC)

Being the middleman 😤

So I get to play middleman for something. My friend that passed away had a falling out with someone while he was still alive. He was living at her home and she got into something with him and kicked him out. However, she refused to give him his things. I get along with both and tried to negotiate a peaceful exchange of his stuff. Well, she didn't and he passed away. I asked her again and due to the new circumstances, she finally gave in and agreed. Hmph!!! There must be a special place in hell for mean people like that. All my friend wanted was his kiddo's documents like passports and other stuff. Now that he's dead, she feels bad and is ok with giving it back now? Well, better late than never I guess. Kiddos will still need their passports and other papers. Heidi is furious that only now did that lady agree to return his things. Anyway, I got and can give it to the guardians whenever they are free to come on over.

Yesterday, I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted. I didn't set up my gym box, I didn't set up the return for my GoPro 9 (something is wrong with the lens attachment), but I did return the other battered gym box that got mangled in the first delivery. I was able to cook some awesome baby back ribs and it's even better than the previous cooks I did before. I was able to get my truck washed.

My old friend from meetup bought her kiddo her first car. Can't believe she's a teen and driving now. I've known them for about a dozen years now. That kid was a nice little 4 or 5 year old to a teen I'm guessing about 16 or 17 maybe? It's great that this kiddo and her Mom was involved in my life. Great little family. Also, I don't have to deal with her growing pains and whatever it is teenage girls have to go through so "haha", I don't have to deal with the hard part. Just the fun parts of camping, hiking, and going to events. I get along pretty good with that teen and I once told her I'd pay for her auto tinting if she ever got a car. Guess what? She and her Mom came by my house yesterday to show me her car. I think they didn't forget about me promising to tint her car so I said told her it was a nice car and that feel free to let me know when she wants to get her car tinted and I'll pay for it.

Otherwise, it was a Netflix night and a few siestas throughout the day. The gym workouts finally caught up with me and I ran out of gas. Also, the ribs were delicious and juicy so of course it know it knocked me the heck out after eating it 😴. I woke up at around 8:30PM last night. That's how tired and exhausted I was. This morning was the first time in a week that I finally feel muscle pain free. All caught up now ready to punish myself again this week 🦵💪

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