Do Not Disturb

2021-03-20 18:37:49 (UTC)

Not Enough Hours

So I quit my second job not because I could handle it but because I wasn't getting enough hours and I only worked twice days out the week since they wouldn't get me no more than 20 he's like any other job. And then they Had me out for a whole week when I knew for a fact I wasn't gonna get a check for next Friday and if, so I wasn't gonna be much.

I might quit KFC to because they not giving me as much as my last job did but I think their taking out a bunch of my taxes which sucks. I know every job does that but they shouldn't take out that much for my check to be like $300 every two weeks. Bull shit. And I also don't like the employees here. At least some of them including manager but one that's a favorite but even she can be a pain in the ass. I just wanna cuss everyone out and quit the bitch. But I must remember. Money comes first. Well, God and family and all that then money.

- A