If I die today
2021-03-22 06:02:00 (UTC)

creeps n freaks

So 322 today hello seceret societies ... it'll be fun to see what the occult and wicked do today alhtou that has nothing to do with weather I pass or live. Which I'll live. Creepy is back Walter is on the prawl again and to my demise yesterday. I saw him while I was going for a short walk I had walked past and he was outside with someone lo and behold on my way back this fool was in his truck stopped in the middle of the road to honk at me. Inccocent enough right. IDK bc I ingnored it and hurried up faster toward my home . I had nDea go out with me after dinner bc I didnt want to g outside alone. The people above me are startin to freak me out just bc every single morning they drop stuff-- cigreettes mainly below to whatever mooch has asked them for something so I just saw some weird man outside my door waving his hands in the air jumping around which can easily be misinterputed if I didnt think for a minute what was going on. Yesterday when we got back in we ran into the cleaning lady so she asked maitmence how to get into the apartment she was going for so we're pretty sure sshes gonna mention to mangement he was here. We'll see how that goes if any reprusions. Physically fine and well today got to sleep between 930 and 10 and got up a minute or 2 after 5 I've already stretched ate had coffee of course and am going to try to get my walmart order in and I need to get busy on laundry for sure. I did an indoor workout since I'm going to have to slowly get into the new running shoes so I can olny run a few minutes today plus wind.. and God knows I'm gonna fuss about the constrution . It will not kill me if I dont run later eitheer so thats that. So this is odd and random but if I die IDK if the message willl ever go thru but I dont hate I dont want to hurt nDea's roommate his daugthers mother eCarri . I suspect she's well probally a lost soul maybe a witch or not IDK She definlty has demonic issues but well between the 3 of us oh theres stuff going on with us all. My intentions werent to hurt or destroy her and honestly I think she is delisonal on some level bc as far as I know from my love that relationship was dead before me. However I just dont want her feel like i've attacked her and Im sure it feels like it maybe looks like it and intenaol or not whatevver world she lived in real or fantasy I have messed it up. I dont know what to do I'm sorry for hurting her but I am unsure of what exactly I'm accountable for. I need to control my feelings attudides and opionions thou bc she is behaving on the defensive of course so she does stuff thats annoying and redicoulos. In my opion he just needs to walk away tell her she has x time and the get the hell outta there bc shes defintly got her roots in and is very minuplative . I think he struggles with guilt too . I'm not sure how to break that tie but I dont mean harm or to attack anyone or be a homewrecker and maybe I really am. I dont know but its not what I wanted to do to someone i know she exist and I'm trying and trying to understand where she's coming from but leets face it I dont have full picture and I think she doesnt want me too I think she wants it all to go away back to what it was and my existance to be done but thats not an option. so thats the guilt I have on me today and I am thinking I've done something wrong althou I
'm doing a lot of things wrong specially by God but I get it I'm hurting someone. I dont wanna hurt her. well I'm gonna try to get in my order for walmart grocieres and get some things done today while I'm on my game let me get going with Monday

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