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2021-03-21 13:20:00 (UTC)

Haileys Birthday... Yay -_-

Hello again,

This entry is going to be a bit of a rant just because I’m in the mood I guess. Though when am I ever not in the mood to rant. So today was my little sisters 9th birthday and we rented out the movie theater to watch Tom and jerry with her friends. Quick side note ; that movie kinda sucked. Not to be rude but the characters were a bit too animated and the whole plot doesn’t really get going until he movie is already almost over and only half the characters have voices and some of them speak in barks and English then some all English and some don’t even make animal noises and just sound effects... it’s just not my kind of movie honestly but anyways the entire time I felt like just screaming and I have no clue why but I just couldn’t handle it and I wanted to just disappear right then. Maybe it was the twenty third graders running around or the fact that I’m scared of half my family but I just was barely grasping onto my sanity there. Then we went to hibachi which is I believe a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food and do tricks right in front of you and usually that’s pretty cool except the chiefs there don’t seem to be able to detect when someone’s uncomfortable and they just keep going. They light things on fire, they throw broccoli at you, they even have these little squirt gun things where they pull the boys pants down and it sprays lemonade in your mouth until it’s spilling out. I get that it’s all fun and games but I just couldn’t handle it honestly I felt like I was going to just twitch my leg until I vibrates into sand. It was not fun. The dude was super nice though and I would kill to have that food like once a week. Too bad I never want to go back~~~