Being Sam
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2021-03-21 18:08:09 (UTC)

Good Decision

I've had a really good weekend, as far as weekends in lockdown go. We've been super productive with the house, cleaning and getting things where they need to be. Put blinds up and cut the grass, painted a little, done a few runs to the tip because the cardboard mountain alone was just ridiculous! You know, just general adulting. But we've adulted well, I think lol. We also went for a big walk yesterday morning across the fields and I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before but Wendy is a proper lockdown dog who doesn't seem to like anybody outside of our house. To the point where she will bark (which she NEVER does when it's just us) and growl at any stranger we pass. It's probably really bad but right now I just find it equally hilarious and adorable so I'm letting it slide. Anyways, we're crossing this field to get us to the next village where the park is for the kids and a jogger appears...we don't usually see people around there so Wendo was off her lead and she was NOT a fan of this jogger hahahahhaa she went mad, barking and then took off after him! The poor guy broke into a run and she was keeping up with him barking and because we had wellies on we couldn't even catch her. Well, I say we but really I just stood there and laughed my head off because this guy had to have been about 6 foot 2 and my dog is barely as high as my ankles! So it looked comical. I fricking love this dog.
Somehow today, we also ended up getting the girls a couple of second hand bikes and going on a bike ride up the lane...Wendo had me cracking up then too because no joke, my miniature dachshund can actually run faster than me, my 9 year or my 6 year old can pedal a bike.
Best decision ever, getting a dog.

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