If I die today
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2021-03-21 07:54:00 (UTC)

thats sick

Well I drank too much yesterday. I have some sketchy memories of the end of the night I don think I rember all the detials. We had a good day nDea and I got together like after 3 when he was akwae and showered and ate . He took me to the mall to use the wifi to update my phone we had coffee . The wifi didt work so we ended up parked outside mc d's so I could log in thiers. Anyhow we flew a kite. We went to this newer place 4th base pizza and waited about 2 hours for our pizza after we got our uneditable chessy tots anyhow I started to get sick in there waiting it kinda smelled like bleach and I think that was triggering like neausea headachey feeling so I waited in the car we ate in the car after it was ready then ran an errand to the store and came back and then went across the street to bar. we played pool made a new friend witht his couple they are 24yr olds and live close and frequent the bar and nDea enjoyed them too so I I think we have new friends. Not in a sex way I hope they know that. Anyhow as said its all kinda vague I rember puking and I woke up on the couch next to the kitchen trash full of puke I'm still neausaus and have like gas pains I think I was crampy and having gas after dinner too so I have taken charcol for the gas then another whne I found out we were going to drink. Maybe I had an allgerne or 2 last night with the differnet pizza and the drinks IDK. I feel kinda crappy and I was sick thou last night i rember that thats true I was sick .Drinking did me in. I've beenthinking about my mom and family I love them . I mean its not that I dont care Im just unmotivated but I want them to know I care and love them. After this coffee im jumping in the sbath its just a kurig coffee I had applesauce. I think oatmeal is probly the best choice for b-fast I have a craving for biscuits but I odnt have breakfast meat. I want a banna but I dont have bannana I didnt get any at the store the other day. In the way of fruit I have fresh granny smith apples and strawberries but IDk I might not even do fruit in the oatmeal I might choose something besides oatmeal. Im going to try to take an emergen-c packet in my water too to try to get rehyrdrated. Anyhow I'm still in a tizzy but thats whats up today the general pic of what happened to me nothing tragic traumitizing bad or criminal and oh I was well taken care of by nDea when I started to get sick he did everything I asked for before I left and I woke up to some sweet text also that he must have sent after he left they were timed around like 3a so Idk guess it got late on us I'm not sure what exact time we got back in we closed down the bar stayed thru last call and theres a glass of wine here or something its a pink drink in my wine glass smells sorta winey IDK I dont rember it so I think we may have got a bottle after too nDea olny had 2 drinks at the bar and the first one I was sharing with him and his second was a beer. I can see how he might have been able to tolerate more wine reasonably

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