This Is It - 2021
2021-03-20 00:00:00 (UTC)

Try Again


Okay I'm a bit less stressed than I was last night. I started my day off with some chocolate chip pancakes and I'm feeling alright.

We got my cat some kitten wet food and sensitive stomach dry food so hopefully he can keep his food down and gain that weight back. I want him to get better and be my bestie again. Right now I'm lying in my mom's bed where he stays (probably because it's closer to his food and litter box) and he demanded cuddles and fell asleep on my arm like normal, so I really am hoping the room thing is just because he doesn't feel well. He loves the kitten food - Just in case you wondered.

Shocking day today with NO school work due at midnight, so I started editing another video. School may be stressing me out but at least I have ways of making myself feel like I'm being at least a bit productive.

I also hit 30 days in a row of Duolingo lessons today! About a month and I have 75 crowns and about 4500 xp and I'm ~learning~ it's fun. Wondering how I should practice getting used to hearing the language though, because that's hard. Is there like... Spanish Sesame Street???

Anyway I'm going to go give love to my cat now that he's showing close to his normal amount of affection. He's so cute when he's being nice <3

It is cuddle and snooze time!
...Y'know...If my hip pain doesn't keep me awake