Experienced Life
2021-03-20 22:06:40 (UTC)

Mixing fun with errands ðŸ˜Ī

This weekend is happening way too quickly. It's already Saturday night when it feels like it's still Friday :( ðŸ˜Ī. I did go into my "uncomfortable" side and gave something a try. So yeah, it was cool. Returned my beat up gym box and ordered another another one hoping it arrives in one piece this time. I hate returning things. Makes you seem like a cheapskate and a little pathetic. But again, another uncomfortable moment I ventured into but I didn't want to risk missing pieces assembling my gym box.

Since I was in the uncomfortable zone today, figured I return a multi-folding cart from Covid-free Costco. A plastic piece came off of it keeping the bracket from opening up. Didn't have a receipt so I wasn't sure if I could even return it but the lady at the door said it'd be ok. I went to return it and they looked it up on my account. Apparently I had it for 7 years!! Seven fricking years!! I didn't realize that. I still had some of the anti-scratch thing on the cart. I got that "I'm a piece of crap" look from the lady at the counter. I admit, when I found out I had it for seven years, the guilt was pretty strong. But they let me off and said they'd give me a refund. I did say I never return stuff so it's not like I'm abusing the policy (although I know this was abusing the policy) but the lady at the counter said they see my account and know that I never return things so whew, the deed was done. Went right back in and got another dolly/cart thing and this one is better. The blade at the bottom folds for easier transport. So I should be good with this for another seven years I guess? ðŸĪŠ

Anyway, did the gym thing this morning. I found another weakness caused by my left hand not being 100%. Had issues with my left hand doing two handed skull crushers. Actually almost crushed my skull for real because I struggled with my left hand grip. Dumbell almost got me. hehe. Still, we worked out with the best coach in this gym family. After all that, I pulled everyone into the dark side and forced (sorta) everyone via peer presure to go to Cracker Barrel for brunch. Pretty good. Reasonable prices. All that work for naught because you know..biscuits, gravy, eggs, good but so bad 😈

My printer died on me too. Couldn't get this error to clear so it's now a 20 lb doorstop. Sigh.. ordered another one from Amazon. I'm now thinking how old is this printer? I'm guessing it's over a dozen years old!! Amazon loves me 😊

Been so busy this week I forgot I have ribs in the 2nd fridge. I need to smoke them tomorrow before it goes bad. Swap out the microwave light sometime this weekend too. I'm sure there is a closet or two that needs some reorg. God!!! Men do suck at being organized at home. I stand better chances winning the lotto than getting my home shown in Home and Garden magazine. I guess I should be satisfied just purging as much as I can and survive on my household cleaning. If anything, I at least keep my bedroom in decent shape. You know, just in case I get lucky again..😈 Men and their priorities.