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I Hate Middle School
2021-03-16 14:58:25 (UTC)

A Guide To Middle School Stereotypes

Ok so before I get started I would just like to say that these are categories of people that I personally have noticed. You could belong to one, none, or a few. I will be adding to this as it goes and these probably aren't going to be sorted in any way so good luck with that. Anyways,

I don't know if this is some sort of TikTok stereotype or something but these girls usually have long dark hair with blueish-green bangs and big eyeliner. Their wardrobe usually consists of lots of black and blue/green along with fishnet gloves or leggings and lots of checkered patterns. Usually, they're pretty cool people, if not intimidating. They usually progress into Combat Boot Girls a grade later.

Anime Obsessed
These people (usually girls) know every anime, especially the popular ones. These anime-obsessed people tend to look at anime memes in class and loudly laugh at them with their anime-obsessed friends. Their entire wardrobe is merchandise from their favorite animes and outfits inspired by the school uniforms worn in the show. They have pins on their backpacks, pictures on their phone cases, and stickers on their Chromebooks with the characters on them. Wayyyyyyyyyyy too much anime if you ask me but they're usually pretty nice. Sometimes they can be a bit mean and/or overbearing though.

Sports Fans
These people are usually boys and love arguing about which sports team is better. Along with sports brand sweatshirts and tees they usually have jerseys of their favorite players in their closet. Some of them like to say certain racial slurs and mess with people for fun but some of them are generally nice people who just really like sports. Half the time they don't even know anything about sports anyways, their parents just like them so they do too. These are the kids who wear expensive shoes and jump to touch the door frame when they walk past. -_-

Unclean Kids
I think every school has at least a group of these kids and they're never ever nice to have around. Most of them have anger issues and no self-control. Their closet usually consists of faded-out orange or green shirts (Idk why), kaki, and just normal non-fitting pants that are never pulled up all the way. I get it if you can't help it and try your best to not get agitated but it's another thing if your throwing fits and being just unclean. Then you're stupid.

TikTok Girls
Do I even have to describe them? They usually take up at least 40% of your class, are really extroverted, and chances are if they're standing, they're also dancing. They don't have to look a certain way but I've picked up on the fact that the really stereotypical ones have brown hair dyed blonde, wear either super big hoodies or super tight shirts, and white shoes. WHY? What sane person wears white shoes?! Oh wait, they're on TikTok, they're not sane.

Combat Boot Girls / Black And White High Tops
I LOVE THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE. But they're the kind of people you either absolutely love or hate. From what I've observed, there are two sub-genres of Combat Boot Girls, the quiet goths and the loud "witches". The quiet goths are... quiet and usually mildly friends with most other Combat Boot Girls. The loud witches are usually louder and somehow best friends with all other Combat Boot Girls in existence all at once. They usually dress with moons and black lace. Both usually have big eyeliner, lots of accessories, listen to really good uncommon music, and probably read and/or write fanfiction.

The Obviously Gay Guy
These boys are usually found posing as a homophobic Sports Fan but can be seen "jokingly" grabbing their friend's asses and pinning them to the wall in the halls. Like dude, just accept that you're gay. The only one you're fooling is yourself.

The Gay Non-bionary/demi/trans Kid
These kids usually have shoulder-length or shorter hair and dress noticeably different from everyone but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint exactly what they do differently. Hint; it's usually rainbow bracelets or dyed hair mixing with their overall vibe. These people are usually loud with their friends but antisocial in general. They're pretty sarcastic and not afraid to get you in trouble as a joke. If you think you've befriended one but you arent sure, one way to tell is if they've done the sacred ritual of the "gay star" with you. It's just like a normal finger star but gay.

Class Clowns and Wannabe Class Clowns
I put these two together because they're so similar. Class Clowns are actually a lot harder to find than you think. Mostly because they're easily confused with the much more common Wannabe Class Clown. The easiest way to tell if someone is a real Class Clown is by how hard they push their jokes. A real Class Clown can make the entire class -- or at least most of the class -- laugh with minimal if any effort. They're just naturally funny and that makes them very nice to have in a few classes. A Wannabe Class Clown, however, will do outrageous things like running out of the classroom or have to explain their joke to get it acknowledged by anyone. Big difference. Wannabe Class Clowns are try-hards.

How The Hell Are You Getting Good Grades
This type of kid is almost always blonde, with barely any exceptions. Every single one of them is blonde. Blonde, light blonde, white blonde, golden blonde, dirty blonde, any kind of blonde. This type of person is also usually a girl with VERY few exceptions. They can be found sitting anywhere in a classroom and are presented as goodie two shoes. They look a lot like TikTok Girls or Sports Fans but not always. This person always has their work turned in on time and never has bad grades but couldn't be caught dead actually doing their work. They're always texting or playing games or watching youtube during class but somehow they still have perfect grades. Idk how they do it, to be honest. I doubt they'd tell you though if you asked.