my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-20 21:12:36 (UTC)

time is the strongest weapon

Time is the strongest weapon. I mean, I'm getting used to writing an online diary. I want to share my days here because I think I should share my work if I'm doing something online.
Today was one of my most pessimistic days. I couldn't complete my studies again. I had to go to my grandma's home. I love my grandma so much and she is healthy nowadays, but she can be the most pessimistic person. She always talked about her problems, death, the funeral for the future, fucking heritage stuff etc.
In the evening, luckily I started to write my philosophy term paper. I completed %5 of it if I'm a great mathematician.
In the evening, I did half of my biology homework. And I was excited to join a German class. Of course, I missed it, too.
Then, I talked with my brother on phone. There is a long-distance between us physically, and it is getting bigger mentally day by day. We used to grow up together, but he is a man now. I'm still growing up, and I feel like he is getting older. That's why time is special to me. I can't catch it, I can't reach it, but it always changes my feelings by only passing. It is the strongest weapon.

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