Live my life♥

me and my life
2021-03-15 06:37:38 (UTC)


Am writing while listening Tu Bin Bataye mujhe le chal kahi..... i really want someone to TC of me and take me somewhere good.
I guess I expect too much in life. be it job, money, people maybe and i get disappointment... and then i get sad. ufff....i feel kinda off today for some reason I shouldn't be. sometimes I feel like crying for everything has happened, happening and of fear of what is going to happen. Its difficult to have so much patience in life, to face never ending problems, anxiety, heartache. sometimes it becomes too much. its not always ok to suppress how you feel, what you want, what you want to do. it hurts really it hurts and the most when you have no one to sooth you and make you feel good. then someone walk in your life and you expect from them and get disappointed. its difficult to have such life.
sometimes I feel like a loser. I feel ashamed of introducing myself. coz I fear of losing more money and failing.
I always dream of having someone who will care me, love me and understand me and consider me of his. My heart always ached to know that monku never considered me of his and ow easily he forgot me, no matter the situation. how good it always felt in his arms. ill wait for the right to come in my life. i really feel sad for me sometimes..