Do Not Disturb

2021-03-15 21:23:04 (UTC)


I'm so excited i got me a computer and it didn't even cost that much only like 238 and something dollars and I got it at Wal Mart last night and I wasn't gonna wait a week for it. I wanted one now and really bad so I got what I really wanted. People always tell me to get what you really want and that's what I really wanted.

I love my computer so much that I went right ahead and up last night and was on it until like 3 something in the morning.

C says he still wants to see me but I'm just not sure because if we see each other we would have sex guaranteed but he said he does really feel bad and he wants to talk. A part of me wants to see him and the other part of me doesn't want to because it'll be the same.with him.

Maybe I will when I get off work because I know I'll be bored and my mother gonna be gone for the rest of the night with her best friend to this club. That I couldn't go to because.its 25 and up. ☹️.

- A

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