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2021-03-20 00:02:18 (UTC)

Work hard play hard 😊

Good day again at work. Lots accomplished when my boss leaves me alone. Anyway, Friday came so quickly. No afternoon gym classes today so it's a Netflix and clean house night. I guess that's ok. Body aches all over the place anyway. I used my muscle massager a lot. So glad I bought this massager. Feels so dang good.

Received another shipment today. My gym box was delivered but the box was torn apart and parts were sticking out of the box!! Looked like it went to war!! Actually, it was kinda funny with parts sticking out of the broken box. Haha. So yeah..screw that. I had Amazon ship me another one and I taped up this one up the best I could and will send it back.

Regarding my comfort zone. I went and ventured out a little. I'll update my diary on that later. Just glad I'm not just kicking back in my comfort zone. I wonder what happened to me? I used to be so daring and my motto used to be "No fear". Now? Dunno. 'No penis" maybe? hahahah. Nah, still got my man-card. Not giving that up just yet. Yup, old school talk and it may not be kosher in today's society but I don't go by that. I go with what I want to go with. Don't fit your little acceptable zone? Tough!!!

Ok, getting hungry. Time for dinner. It's not gonna make it by itself. Have a good Friday everyone :)

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