my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-19 19:51:37 (UTC)


I'm writing. If I don't do this, I was going to cry. I used to write diaries when I was a child. Now, I'm doing something different. I'm writing online and sharing all of my thoughts here. English is not my first language. I don't know why am I doing this, but I believe that this will be exciting for me.
Today wasn't as nice as I expected. In the morning, I missed some of my online classes. My mother thinks that I study a lot, and I make myself tired. On the other hand, my father tends to find my effort insufficient. I have lots of dreams, and I want to reach my goals. Keeping a diary again will help me to see my development. I'm a great feeler, by the way, all of my friends think that I'm a mistyped INFJ. I want to study psychology and live abroad. This is one of my biggest dreams, but everybody reaches their goals except me. I think my life is a mess that I can't escape, just like a pair of scales. Sometimes everything is OK, but most of the time I ruin something about my personal life.
Now it is 11.03 pm in my country. I must have prepared my philosophy term paper. I feel more creative at nights, but I also feel sleepy at nights. I know it is late now and I should sleep. I should have done lots of things for today, but I have done none of them.
I'm tired of saying this but I wish a better tomorrow for my future self.

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