London Life
2021-03-19 16:56:39 (UTC)

A man returned my lost phone. I won a "competition".

Tuesday 16th March
I went to do some Islington deliveries at lunchtime – running this time, as we haven’t mended my bike brake. Only myself, Simon and the posh bloke were there. I had time to do three parcels, two of which I’d done before and one where I couldn’t get into the flats, but someone let me in. The flat had a good view over the new Arsenal stadium – I’d just cut through the old ground, where the stands have been converted into flats and the pitch is now a garden. Meanwhile Graham was sending me disused football ground picture puzzles.

In the evening we eventually went out for a coffee, but by the time we got to Parkway, the Italian place was just shutting, so we went to get an ice cream from Treatz, which we ate by the canal. There was a group of about 15 people gathered there, surprisingly dancing to ‘December 63’ by the Four Seasons, which is 45 years old. More than one person started talking to us, asking how old we were, whether we were still in love, etc.

Wednesday 17th March
I finally presented my quiz in the morning, attended by ten people, some of who had to be reminded it was happening, but it seemed to go quite well. I wanted to do a more wide-ranging quiz, rather than emphasise film questions like previous contributors. I might find it harder when I actually compete again, as people seem to have caught on that you get more points if you answer quickly.

We went to Namaaste at lunchtime and ate the food by the canal; it seemed a bit spicier than before. I meant to finish work at 16:00 to run to a couple of tasks, but didn’t leave until 15 minutes later. I tried to go to Westbury by a different route, for a bit of variety, but unexpectedly arrived at Holloway Road, had to continue along Seven Sisters Road, and was 15 minutes late arriving, not for the first time recently when I’ve been to Haringey. We were hanging up the remaining letters along the bridge; I was working with Geraldine and Kapil. While we waited for some more ties, I went down to help Lousie move logs and pieces of wood. She was using a wheelbarrow and it was good fun helping her get it over various obstacles. I’d brought a jumper and a second T-shirt layer this time, but it was still a bit cold there. Latoya was also there, who I hadn’t seen for a year.

As I had an hour before the second task at Selby, I walked there via the cemetery and arrived nicely just in time to use the Ladies’ before Sam and Gramps turned up. Catherine was there, another long-time-no-see, as well as Sam and Natasha, who was the second CA girl to be surprised that I have baked beans for breakfast every day. She has porridge, but I usually have that a bit later, as well! This time, rather than separate the food by date, we assembled bags containing one each of nine categories (e.g. vegetables, baked beans, pasta). We had a competition to guess how any bags we’d done. Sam reckoned 48, but I had a quick look, decided there were five bags in each approximate row, multiplied accordingly and arrived at a figure of 65. The guesses were: Lisa - 65 / Neil - 95 / Sam - 58 / Cathy - 40 / Natasha - 53. The correct number of bags was 62 so I was closest.

I ran home with Gramps and Sam until she took the side-street route back to Finsbury Park. We’d earlier discussed that she didn’t want to use polluted main roads, but I was still going that way because I’d been in a hurry when I first went to a Haringey task a few weeks ago. I do know a back street route to Tottenham by bike, but that’s to the football ground which is too far East. I really should have run with her, as she was going my way.

I stopped to text Jack when I got to Blackstock Road. I ran on about ten metres, then my Bluetooth headphones stopped. I went to my bag to get my phone, and instantly realised I hadn’t put the phone away after texting. I retraced my steps immediately but didn’t find it. I ran home but as no-one had called, I decided the phone was lost, and I wouldn’t get a new phone until the shops re-open in ten days’ time. It’s easy to just use my laptop at the moment, when we’re at home so much, but I usually need CityMapper when going to a new task, and also I wouldn’t be able to keep up with WhatsApp by laptop. Then about 22:50 a delivery rider called to say he’d found it at Manor House. He wanted to bring it round there and then, but I said he could bring it tomorrow and he said he’d be delivering in our area anyway.

Thursday 18th March
We went to Kentish Town at lunchtime but found that Neighbourhood Organic has decided to shut down until after the lockdown. However E Mono was serving, as it has throughout the pandemic. In the evening we attended the final current session of running films, this time focusing on two ultras, in the Cleveland Way, and a very long one along the Pennine Way from Edale. We’ve done a 32km walk from Edale before, and a shorter one up, along and down the big hill near the station, but this was a very long race and the film quickly jumped to about 150km in. Mali joined the film-showing, followingf our chat on Monday, after I got her on the Islington WhatsApp group and she attended the Ultra Q&A yesterday. Lorna was there as usual tonight, and another regular, Louise C who I haven’t met, as well as Matt for the first time.

Again the Top 100 spreadsheet refused to save. I had to make sure I’d loaded all the data before I could turn the laptop off for the evening (making it a busy day as I hadn’t even processed last week’s data), and then I had to paste the summary page onto another sheet.

The man on his scooter had said he was going to bring my phone round in the afternoon, after 15:00, but as he didn’t appear I assumed he wasn’t coming, and I was almost resigned again to losing the phone. But he arrived in the evening, during the running films, which was a great relief. We'd bought him a bag of Celebrations chocolates as a thank you. I then did my usual Thursday run with Jack, but as per my training schedule I was trying hard to do intervals, which I continued after Jack finished. It felt quite successful; the sprints wore me out but I could recover enough in the slow parts to do another sprint. After doing the usual route with Jack, I ran round Somers Town, to the Regent’s Park estate and along the canal.