La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-03-19 13:56:00 (UTC)

Working on my personal brand.

Ok so all these changes in my life this past week have not been in vain. I have began a new journey to autodicover my self, talents and gifts that I'll share with larger crowds, I don't want to say coaching, but it's defenetly pointing that way. is strange to me to think other than writting what else am I good at, and even that I'0ve lost a lot of practice, when did this world became so darn competitive, and less undertanding of the real problems. Everyone now day seem to be living trying to fufill other people's expectations instead of their own. I am my bigest competition, I'm the one that is the hardest on myself and even that I need to work on, learn to chill once in a while. Giving most accounts and still seeing some of my elementry friends, they have it soo much worse than me. I honestly think life has given me more than enough chances to succed, maybe I haven't learn to listen. But I am now. and am taking it all in. the lessons, the teaching, the doing. I'm going back to school this sunday, and finaly moving foward, enough of being a house wife and a wife only, I have dreams and am going to reach them. I am so good at being a mom, wife, and friend, that is time I start taking care of my dreams, work on them as if my life depended on it. So yes am on fire as we say. having a life coach is so much more than having a friend to trust, is having someone to look up to and say is she did it so can I, and the best part is that the road has already been marked I just have to observe and make it my own.