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2021-03-18 21:28:38 (UTC)

Cleared out my cubicle 😒

Our workplace will not renew their lease. We are to clear out our cubicles within a month from now and we will for sure not return to our current building. I figure I do it now so I won't be with the same bunch of Engineers that are doing it last minute. It was slightly emotional as I tossed stuff away that I didn't need and packed things that I did need. I see personal important documents that I kept at my cubicle like my pink slips, tax papers, my FCC license, and other personal important docs. Gathering the personal important stuff reminded me of why I even needed to do that. During my divorce about 12 years ago, my soon to be ex wife at the time would take my paperwork. Taxes, docs, etc, etc. She even copied my thumb drive that I use for work and saved it in her computer. What a be-atch she was and sad that my life had become like that. What a crappy life I had in the past. How could someone even live like that. So I grabbed all my important papers and stored them at work instead.

Anyway, packing my things felt a little sad. It was almost like I was losing my job but I wasn't. Just sad that we aren't coming back to the way we were. We are just going to telework more and if we need to work physically at work, we'll have a shared conference room at out main building if needed. So it may be awhile if we're ever going to be working together physically again. I'm sure we're saving a lot of money without having to lease space so they will see the bottom line and will no longer be back to the way we were. I'm guessing at least for a couple of years. Sad that this is how it'll be for a long time but then again, I do save a lot of money no longer having to go to Starbucks, eating out for lunch and buying snacks between lunch and end of day. Looking at the bright side of things, I do get paid 6 figures for working from home. Can't really beat that. 😊 So I'll look at the positives and run with it.

Gym was very awesome once again. We rotated to different spots. Rowers, push press, sumo jacks, inchworms, bent rows, plank drag through and others that I forgot.😊 It was fabulous. The time went by so quickly. The 45 min felt like 10. It makes me feel so alive. Got world problems? It all goes away after gym. You come home at times feeling so energized you feel you could bang a rhino!! Haha. Jk. No animals were truly harmed and for sure I will never ever will. 😈 Just feel so amped up during and after gym sometimes. Then at night, all is calm and I feel so relaxed. I've said this many times, depression even though it feels like it's a world of hurt is the wrong type of chemicals flowing in your body. Found out that they give you pills to change that chemical flow in your body. I used to call it anti-psycho pills and told me ex wife she needed them during our arguments. hehe. Ok, I'm drifting. Working out produces all the good chemicals and life is good when that happens. I'm willing to bet that a lot of depressed people don't work out. Of course, there will be exceptions but I still highly recommend it.

Also, I decided that I will be purchasing another Hobie kayak for sure for sure. The big truck mod (regearing) will have to wait a tad bit longer. They don't have a red kayak so I'll have to get the green one instead.

The weekend is almost here. Again, this week went by so quickly. Loving life :) Loving life more right after payday 🤪