Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
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2021-03-18 12:18:25 (UTC)

A Cup of Coffee and a Homeless man

I’m homesick for the home I never had. Few days ago i ran away in the attempt to bike down to the Grand Canyon, it was supposed to be a one way trip to my grave. Well i reach a corner store far from where I lived and decided I was cold and slightly tired (it was about 10pm Arizona winter). I went into the store and bought a coffee. It was full of cream and chocolate, but no sugar. I’m not a fan of sugar, mostly anyway. I drank the coffee and felt so warm. I felt like I could bike a thousand miles. I looked back north and thought to myself, “I don’t want to die, I want bike, i want to see my community.” I still wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but I wanted to see it instead of making it my final destination. I started to bike in Another direction, I found a park and decided to just sit and feel the air for awhile. This guy approached me and asks if I wished to join them in their conversation and eat with them. I denied food and the drugs they soon offered me. I thought these were some gangster people at first, but after one guy asked me if I’m out here on the streets it dawned on me that these are homeless people. Eating, sharing and exchanging in conversation. That had a culture and a store. Many stories actually. One guy had a car, and soon drove off. So I’m guessing that man is homeless but far from jobless. I hear some people live in their cars and go to the gym for water refills and a shower. Kinda genius actually. Now it was just me and one homeless man. And I felt safe, I felt happy. And all that happened is I ran away from home. We talked about my life, why I’m out here. He was surprised to hear that I’m only 18 years old, especially with all the wisdom I shared. He showed me how he survives out here, explained the importance of every little thing he had. I don’t think it was until then that we really introduced ourselves, he said his name is Mitchell. Then we left to QT (a corner store) and I met another homeless guy named Allen, it’s now about 2am and after a short conversation I felt like I should go home. They wanted me to talk for a while longer and believe me, I wasn’t ready for going back. I gave the guy my number incase he ever made it somewhere and wanted to talk again. I got home and saw dad was up in the kitchen, I wasn’t ready to be here let alone being confronted on my whereabouts. So i sat on the couch swing outside until the lights were off, waited a little longer and I was in bed by 3am. I took a lot from Mitchell, he gave me a new view on homeless people as a whole and helped me realize more about myself. At one point in our conversation he talked about a book I should read but he forgot what it was, I told him about a book my dad made me get on audible called “Can’t Hurt Me” and that was the exact book Mitchell wanted me to read. Mitchell also gave me Bluetooth earbuds, not sure how he got them but I sanitized them before using them. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget he was homeless. But I would to see him again, he made me feel more at home than this place ever has in the last 4 years.

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